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You can advertise for free any unwanted, second-hand or nearly-new items in the area.

Disclaimer and advice:

Members of this forum use this buy and sell forum at their own risk.

  • Please take reasonable measures to protect your safety & privacy when posting items for sale or responding to an item for sale advertisement.
  • By posting you agree NOT to hold anyone affiliated with this forum responsible or liable for any circumstances resulting from an item for sale. This forum takes no responsibility for the items placed for sale, sold or bought on this forum and the contract of sale is entirely between the buyer and seller.
  • It is very sensible not to put phone numbers, email addresses or other personal details in any public posts. Anyone can collect phone numbers/email addreses from websites. It is wise to only give these details, if need be, to people who have already contacted you through email on a one to one basis.
  • It should go without saying but we strongly advise that no money is paid 'up-front' before going to view any item for sale on this forum - You can then see that the sale is genuine and that the item is as described or pictured before you part with any money.

Warning - Never send money upfront for any items you have not viewed

This should really go without saying but there are fraudsters online who may say they own an item and even show photos (taken from various websites) claiming the item is theirs, when they are not.

Any genuine owner will always wait for a person to view any item before being paid. You can then check that the item actually exists and is owned by the person who says they own it.

It is highly advisable to contact and talk personally with the owner and view the item in person - Never be tempted to part with any money up front without viewing the item you are interested in and checking that it is genuine.

Most people know this, but it's wise to always take care online - People may not always be what they seem!

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